How To Teach Your Child To 'Value' Things

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How To Teach Your Child To 'Value' Things

Does your child often return from school without pencils or erasers? Do they have no qualms about wasting food? Are they very fond of breaking toys? Do they take tearing their books or notebooks a done thing? If the answer to all of these is ‘yes', then there is every possibility that your child does not know the value of things. This is because he does not know the value of money. He gets what he wants and takes things for granted. Thus, it is very important to make them understand to ‘value' things.

Here are a few tips for the same:

1. Engagement

Engage your child in preparing a monthly or weekly budget. Prepare a separate list of your kid's demands. If their demands do not fit the bill, tell them clearly without mincing words. There is no need to explain every ‘why' they ask.

2. Cash Payment

Whenever you go shopping with your child, use cash for payment. Even, for online shopping use Cash On Delivery option. Let your child see that for procuring a thing, you need to spend money. Once you get the thing, the money is gone. The whole procedure of watching you handling money to someone else to get a thing would have a deep impact on him.

3. Start Early

There is no particular age to get your child know the value of things. It's always better to start early. Most of the kids would pick things on their own when shopping in a departmental store. Make them understand that they have to pay the bill before they can have those things or leave the store. Get them a piggy bank and let them put coins in it. When a substantial amount is collected, use it to buy a thing of their choice.  It's important for them to be familiar with the terminologies.

4. Set Example

The fragile mind of the children is greatly influenced by the deeds of their parents. Pay your child's school fees and other bills on time and let your child notice this. Talk to them if you are facing some financial issues. Be open to your child. Do not set false expectations which you know you cannot fulfill. Be realistic.

5. Donate

Donate to the less fortunate. Let your kids realize that everyone is not lucky enough to have everything in life. There are those who depend on others for their basic needs. Be careful that they do not start looking down upon others. They should know that they are blessed and how important is to value things they have.

6. Be Firm

Be firm with your kids when it comes to wasting things. Set clear consequences of their actions. Cut off their play time or TV time as a punishment.

Remember, you are dealing with kids and parents are the best teachers for them in every respect. The teaching never ends; it's an ongoing process. So, be patient and start as early as possible. Always practice what you preach.

Watch a video that very clearly explains how it has always been important for parents to teach value.

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