Does Your Child Know The True Meaning Of Vacation?

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Does Your Child Know The True Meaning Of Vacation?

A quick offering in all newspapers these days!!! Spoken English, personality development, art, and craft, etc. Summer holidays in today's time has become a money minting business. Can you recall and imagine and miss the days of how we spent the vacations with our maternal grandparents, playing outdoor games, the simpler version of movies was to go to a friend's place and watch TV together? Do we really need to push our children to get up early in the mornings, get ready for so called summer camps, be out of the house for few hours and when back home, parents are again hunting out for some other classes to keep the child occupied.

Wouldn't it be great if we gave them a true meaning of vacations?

Sitting at home and spending time with kids is a very natural process. But being in nuclear families, it has really become a task to manage, handle and spend time with kids. Why is it so difficult? Why is it so challenging for parents to spend time with their very own children and the need to send them to various places to keep them occupied. Believe me, it's not that time consuming too.

Let's say why not take your child out to buy vegetables, move out with them to a nursery,garden area,or a botanical visit, Maintaining an aquarium at home could be a task, so why not involve your child in cleaning and feeding process? Both my boys are of great help when my maid doesn't turn up.  Let us teach them the value of cleanliness, the feeling of belonging,ask them to get you some water and medicines too,if you are on  some. Put them in a routine to understand, that you can't miss the medicine. Give them a sense of responsibility.

All these activities cost nothing. But yes, you get pride possession of your own kids with a sense of responsibility, awareness, alert mind, and a true meaning of the family. You must be thinking, and wondering, there is no mention of regular studies, activities, as there is no cost involved. Well, anything that involves cost doesn't mean it's worth it.

All good things come in small packages. And your very own home sweet home is the first school where your child gets a practical experience. As far as a learning experience is concerned, there are lots of tools available, thanks to the internet that will ensure learning at home. E.g. you can learn a new craft, drawing, rhymes, stories etc. from sites and doing it together with your kid also ensures a good bond with your kid.

Click on the link to help your kid learn new crafts, stories and rhymes.

We will surely discuss other activities that parents together can do with their children. Let us create responsible humans first. Happy parenting!

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Kavita Jhurani
Kavita is a post graduate. She runs a preschool, daycare and activity center, located at Kidsworld,2, Silverlink, Hiranandani estate, which aims at building only overall skill development of a child, and their life skills.Managing many other kids and the kids at Kidsworld has really given her immense pleasure and lot of confidence. The initial phase is always tough. Be it motherhood or your own venture. But in her case, it paid off well. She is a blessed Mother of two boys,and a supportive husband and in-laws.God has been kind always.

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