Did You Know The Benefits of Touchscreen Devices For Toddlers

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Did You Know The Benefits of Touchscreen Devices For Toddlers

I am amazed at how my one year old can adeptly swipe through the iPad or our smartphones with such ease and so quickly. Even though I was surprised, I did have my reservations against constant usage of smartphones, tablets and other technological devices by my child at home. Since the most used toy amongst our toddlers nowadays are touchscreen devices, as their play consists of repetition and changing rapidly, the touchscreen so serves the purpose. With tablets and smartphones all without a mouse or a key mode, it becomes much easier for our toddlers to operate.

There is always an ongoing debate on how much is too much or rather how long and what content should we let our toddler's view on such devices.


A recent study says that the ability of a toddler to use this touchscreen technology can be useful criteria for evaluating their development and eliminating high-risk children for early medical interventions.

Though these touchscreen devices were not made with a toddler in mind, however, our toddlers have easily grasped and gravitated towards these technological devices so smoothly. Navigating through screens are not only simple but highly engaging for the child. With many fun and educational apps designed particularly for children, it's not surprising that by the age of 2, toddlers can efficiently swipe and navigate through the home screen of the smartphones of their parents. In addition to this, they are also able to identify the apps or games which they like and start playing them on their own. In comparison to television screens which are very passive, this touchscreen is not only engaging but also interactive along with a feedback. The child can control exactly what they want to see and hear while on a television set they do not know exactly where to focus on.

However, for us as parents, it is important not to turn these touchscreens into babysitters. We should be sure that our children watch a good app which is made for children which can not only stimulate their brain creativity but also stimulate our child to think. The touchscreen devices are good at multitasking and can be useful for children with attention deficit problems and help them learn.


We can use these touchscreen devices along with digital media in a positive way so that our child can learn new words and thoughts. They can later identify these words in the outside world so they have a better understanding of their surroundings.

As parents, we should understand that touchscreen technology should by no way replace physical activity such as running and playing around. Not more than 30 minutes at a stretch of screen time should be allowed for toddlers. Touchscreen phones or tablets and digital media can no way replace the joys and benefit of readings.

However, parental interaction and supervision are most important when you give your touchscreen devices to your child. Now with educational apps and child-safe websites, there has been a gradual shift from passive entertainment to educational entertainment.

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May 23, 2016 @ 11:55 AM

A very positive approach

Sneha Wakode Mohod
May 13, 2016 @ 04:24 PM

Nice one...

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