9 Ways to Involve Your Child in Christmas Tree Decoration

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9 Ways to Involve Your Child in Christmas Tree Decoration

To see the all decked-up and decorated Christmas tree is a treat for the eyes. But I never knew that decorating it would be so exciting, innovative, imaginative and fun until I got the chance. The occasion was ‘Christmas Tree Decoration Competition' in my daughter's class. I was super excited but my challenge was to soar my daughter's excitement so that she can input her ideas and imaginations too. For that, I had to involve her right from the process of thinking rather than only in the process of doing. This was more important as she had to do the decoration herself in my absence.

Why is your child's involvement necessary?

  • Your child should understand the purpose and usefulness of doing a thing and for that, he/she should be actively involved.
  • Involvement helps them think. Thinking is the first step towards innovation.
  • They would learn to spare time for a task rather than playing or watching TV.
  • Although it was a classroom activity,  its preparation proved to be a good way to spend quality time with.
  • Parents can know the hidden talents of their kids.
  • Positive pride of having done something worthwhile would make the child confident.

Click on the link http://bit.ly/Appy_ChristmasTreeVideo to watch craft videos & make your own tree decorations with your child. Here are some pointers for the same:

1. Handmade Ornaments

Christmas ornaments are synonymous with a Christmas tree. But you can add more fun to it by helping your kid make ornaments themselves.  Make use of papers, sparkles, ribbons, strings to create ornaments. Let your child do the mix and match of colors and use their imagination to the fullest. Take pride in decorating it with the things created by them.

2. Use of Waste Materials

In our home, we have materials like aluminum foils, plastic wrapping material, old gift wrappers etc. We can make beautiful ornaments with them. Even, wastes from sharpening a  pencil can be used aesthetically to make flowers or garlands.

3. Use of Cotton

Cotton is perhaps the easiest and the best way to decorate a Christmas tree. You can give it a look of snow wisps and spread it over the tree. Also, snow man can be made out of it. This is the best tool if the child is not so interested in the process.

4. Origami

This is again something your child would love to do when it comes to decorating a Christmas tree. Show them videos of how to make snowflakes or Santa Claus out of paper and let them make with it minimal support from you. To add to the fun, write the name of a family member on each of them.

5. Stars

Christmas tree would definitely be incomplete without the stars. Use star shaped cookie cutters to trace out the stars on a cardboard and then cut them out carefully. Color them, or patterned papers over them. Also, use glitters to give the twinkling effect.

6. Smileys

You know how kids love smileys. They are obsessed with them. They often get them as a token of appreciation from their teachers. So, using them on the Christmas tree would be great fun for them. You can use felt papers to make them.

7. Cartoon Characters

Do not be surprised if your child suggests putting some of his/her favorite cartoon characters. It's perfectly alright. After all, they are their real role models today. So, let Chhota Bheem or Ben 10 adorn your Christmas tree.

8. Actual Pictures

Some pictures are very dear to your child. It can be a family picture, a birthday snap, and a picture of holding their sibling for the first time and so on. My child misses her grandparents very much. It's her dream to have all of them together which is a rare occasion. So, the picture where both her maternal and paternal grandparents are together is her favorite. She insisted on putting that one on the tree and I obliged. I helped her in decorating its borders and its positioning on the tree.

9. Meaningful Christmas Tree

Try to make the Christmas tree as meaningful as possible.  Tell your child to place some of her wishes, resolutions or promises. You can also highlight your child's achievements. Some symbolic or written messages can also be put. I put a white dove as a symbol of peace, a red heart symbolizing love and shaking hands as a gesture of mutual understanding. These all would help your child understand the value of all the above things in their life.

While preparing your child for the event, accept their ideas as much as possible. Something weird for you can be relevant for them. So, see  things from their perspective. Appreciate frequently.

While the process of preparation was on, I was not concerned about the outcome. I wanted her to think about what can be done and how. I was pretty much successful on that. The second prize for the effort was like a Christmas gift for both of us.

Merry Christmas to All!!!

Click on the link http://bit.ly/Appy_ChristmasTreeVideo to watch craft videos & make your own tree decorations with your child.

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