6 Ways To Partner With Your Child's School

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6 Ways To Partner With Your Child's School

"My Mom had participated in a program at my school's Annual Day!" my daughter often remembers fondly and tells the guests.

"What?? Is that true? School's Annual Function and your Mom participated? Is she correct?" Most of the people are utterly surprised on knowing this.

"Yes! She is correct! There was this tradition of involving parents in the Annual Function program of my daughter's Elementary School, wherein one program was given by parents. Along with other parents, I volunteered in a Dance Drama when my daughter was in Class 1. Till this date, her face beams up and she feels proud of the fact that her Mom had participated in her school event," I inform them; equally happy at the happiness of my child.

I feel grateful to the school for giving me such an opportunity.

Why should we Partner with the child's school

Gone are the days when parents' main role around the school was to pay the fees in time and attend the parent- teachers' meet or the Annual Day. Now, there is a paradigm shift in the world of education, (even in India) and most schools outdo each other with ways and means in which the school can be made a welcoming place both for the parent as well as the child.

The schools nowadays try their best to establish a parent-school partnership in order to understand and help the child better. We parents need to make the best out of this new change to help the child settle better in the school which will help the child gain most from the school.

Ways to Establish Partnership with the Child's School

We parents grew up in the restrictive school setup of yesteryear and are not sure where to begin when our child's school is concerned.

Given below are a few ways to build a positive relationship with the child's school:

  1. First and the foremost, understand the philosophies and the principles on which your child's school works. Read up the brochure and go through the website of the school. Know about the curriculum and how it is going to benefit the child.
  1. Volunteer to participate whenever possible. When a parent and a teacher interact and work together, children have better feelings about attending school. This also makes the school a warm and friendly place for the child. The child feels good about the school and settles well without being anxious.
  1. Participate in Parents' Teachers Meets and other Events. These meets are organized to familiarize you with the classroom setup and how the school functions. They are also an opportunity to create a bond with other parents of your child's class.
  1. Many schools conduct parent-education programs in which they familiarise parents on different ongoing theories on child psychology and pedagogy that are being followed nowadays. Some of these theories are multiple bits of intelligence, different levels of thinking (bloom's theory of cognitive development), child-centric approach, different methods of assessments, etc. Parents are introduced to these theories in a simple language. This, in turn, helps them in guiding the child on similar lines at home too.
  1. Communicate: In most cases, the teachers take a sincere interest in the behaviour and progress of each and every child of the class. They are trained to do so. But the gap remains, as the parents hesitate and fail to communicate their concerns, questions, doubts or an idea to the teacher. A teacher can help the child in a better way if this communication gap is bridged.
  1. Know about your child's friends and his/her behavior. A child is a mystery that slowly unfolds before us over the years. By being constantly in touch with his teacher, you can know your own child better. Knowing the kind of company your child is getting attracted to can tell many things about him/her. Do not be shocked if he/she is showing a certain kind of behaviour in school which he/she never shows at home. Many children behave differently once they are away from the scrutinizing eyes of their parents.

A school is the first place in the outside world which influences the child the most. It's going to create an everlasting impression on him. So, let's join hands and get together with the child's school for his best interest.

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Vanshika Sitlani
February 26, 2016 @ 04:32 AM

Field trips ! M very happy my 3 yr old child has educational & fun involved field trips in nursery in her school Which helps her understand the concept n reasons connected to her growing knowledge !

February 29, 2016 @ 02:14 PM

Field trips are a great way of seeing the application of the concepts learnt in the classroom. These also makes the child more connected to the school.

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