5 Things To Do With Kids This Winter

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5 Things To Do With Kids This Winter

Outdoors is best in winters. Here are some of our suggestions

Winter is here in most cities usually means that it is not prohibitively hot! It's a great time to go outdoors with the kids and do some exciting activities indoors that don't tire them out!

Assuming you have a couple of boisterous young ones from the age of 4-8, here are our top 5 picks of things to do with them this winter break:

1. The all-time-favourite park: The outdoors is the best for kids of this age. If you are too tired to take them for to a far off destination, take them to the local park. Interacting with other kids and playing with them is something they can do and doesn't require some rocket-science planning by the parent. Take their sand castle making equipment with you so they can play in the sand pit, or let them do the jungle-gym. Anything that allows that a good amount of physical activity is good, not only for the development but also, overall growth as well. No wonder you feel that the kids have gained a few inches after the holidays!

2. Beach around: There are several clean beaches you can take the kids in and around your city. Some places in India might not have beaches but look for river beds, or lakesides. Being near a water body is calming for children. Encourage them to fish in rivers and lakes, and throw back the fish you catch - teach them patience and compassion. If you are at the beach build sandcastles and wet their feet in the sea. At any natural scenic place that you take them, teach them to respect the environment and not litter the place around.

3. Take them to the mountains and forests: Winters are ideal times to take them to small treks. The best times would be the rains, for normal trekkers to take to the mountains but winters are safer for kids because there is no danger of skidding and slipping when you are traversing rough terrain. Kids can take in the ambiance of a forest when you go deeper into the park,  take the jungle  safari and spot a few lions and deer, go and set up camp on a machan, dip their feet in one of the cool running streams and maybe catch a few glimpses of the monkeys!

4. Read a book: There are several book stores all over in most cities. Look up city guides in the newspapers and you will inevitably chance upon one of them. A book reading is perfect for kids who want to always know more! Your kids will not only learn to sit in a group listening to an exciting story, they will also be interact with other kids, ask questions to the author and later browse through the book store - picking on books of their choice.

5. Volunteering: Get your kids to like volunteering. There are several volunteering activities set up in the city for kids - a couple of them that I know that happen very often is cleaning up a local beach or riverside, painting walls of the city (check with the local authorities if you need to organise such an event). However, you can always take them to a local orphanage - where they can play with the young kids there, take good clothes and toys for them and learning to give. Consider taking them to an old age home with their friends so they can put together a performance or if they are going on their own maybe they can read to the old inmates in the old age home.

It is very important that we inculcate the respect for the nature since very young age. There are various videos on appystore that teach kids about Mother Nature in very child friendly ways.

What are your favourite things to do with your kids? Let us know!

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