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  • Q ___ My son Ayaan is 6 years old..He has been hyper ...has been hitting children in school who tease him n trouble him...doesn't sit in one place...lacks concentration. ..He is very good in studies though.. As per school's recommendation, we got his counselling done..was advised occupational therapy. ...He is undergoing occupational therapy but don't see results. ..He is okay when he is alone...but finds difficult to adjust when in group. .Pls advise what needs to be done. ..

    Prachi Chitre
    Answer by Prachi Chitre

    In Behaviour - 02 Dec 2016

    Your son appears to have been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Children have issues with concentration, are hyperactive and have poor impulse control in this condition. They could manifest all these three symptoms or one or two of them. Hitting others could be due to poor impulse control. I do understand your frustration but as parents we need to understand that none of his behaviour is intentional. He cannot control himself. Occupational therapy is definitely required. Sometimes it takes time to show the results. But I would also recommend behavioural counselling sessions for him. You can also go for parental counselling sessions which will enable you to handle this situation in a better manner. When the severity of the disorder is high, we do recommend medication. Homeopathy is also supposed to be effective, however I am not qualified to talk about the same.
    At your level keep talking to him about his behaviour and how it affects him negatively. Use a smiley or star system for desirable behaviour. However with ADHD, everything has to be immediate. You cannot reward or punish him 3 days after the action. I wish you all the best!

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