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  • Q ___ My daughter is 8yrs old she never concentret in study n not listen me . She is clever but she always help others without complate her works not in school but also at home . I live in joint family n she has 2 cousins n 1 younger brother . She always feels others r right n i am wrong How can i give proper way? Pls help me

    Prachi Chitre
    Answer by Prachi Chitre

    In Behaviour - 23 Dec 2016

    There seems to be a communication problem between you and your daughter. Can you think of some reasons as to why she has these ideas about you? Have you been a little harsh with her or scolded her often? is your communication with her centred around studies and instructions? I think at this stage you need to work on your relation with her more than anything else. Before she enters her adolescence, it is necessary that you are her friend. For some time, try to go to her level and enter her world. I understand that joint family means more work but for some time make your daughter your priority. Spend more time with her but let this not be instruction time or nagging time. Do things with her that she enjoys doing. Soon you will see that her attitude towards you is changing. It will be a slow process,but believe me it will work. About helping others, keep telling her that it is excellent to help others but first we have to help ourselves. Through stories tell her that we can help others better only when we are equipped to do so. Reward her for completing her work. Have a fixed schedule for her studies and also use rewards if she does her work well and in time. All the best!

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