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  • Q ___ Hi, my son is 7yrs...I am facing difficulties with him since a year ir two relating to his potty habit. He does not want to go to the toilet for potty and tries controlling. Thus causes him vomiting and discomfort while travelling. At times he will avoid going to potty for a day or two. And at times he can't control he soils his underwear but will still not go to potty. I have been understanding, shouted at him...tried different ways... A few days he will be fine and then he gets back to this behavior again. Don't know how to permanent ly change this behaviour.

    Prachi Chitre
    Answer by Prachi Chitre

    In Behaviour - 02 Dec 2016

    Have you consulted your pediatrician about this? Is passing stools painful for him? There could be 2 issues here..medical or psychological. Please confirm with your pediatrician that there aren't any medical issues. On the psychological front, general reasons for such a behaviour could be 1) feeling of uncleanliness associated with the act. 2) precious play time being wasted 3) any fear associated with the act or the place.
    I have dealt with a child who believed that snakes would appear from the toilet. Please try talking to him patiently about this and try to understand the cause. Though I understand your frustration, getting angry will not solve the problem. If you still do not see any change, please take him to a child psychologist.

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