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  • Q ___ Hello Mam, I just wanted to ask u that my child is 2 yr 5 months now. How to teach the formation of letters he is not even holding the pencil, Pls suggest the easy method to teach him

    Radhika Chitre
    Answer by Radhika Chitre

    In Reading/Writing problems - 12 Apr 2016

    Dear Mom, Why are you in such a hurry to teach your son how to write?

    Children are not expected to write at this age. In fact, they are not

    even supposed to hold a pencil at this tender age. Insisting on writing
    at 29 months, will put unnecessary pressure on the child's nerves.

    I suggest that you should focus on pre writing skills at present.

    Give him clay to play with.

    Encourage him to tie shoe laces.

    Teach him to button his own shirt.

    You get wooden or cardboard cutouts with holes for threading. Use that to develop his fine motor skills.

    No pencil please.

    Give him a pencil for writing only after he completes 3 years of age.

    Take care.

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