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  • Q ___ He doesn't share his all activities with me. by the time he comes back from school half the things he cant recollect. And if I ask him anything he gets angry for asking too many questions. Its difficult to understand whether he is paying attention in the school or not. Teacher says he is very naughty, knows everything but doesnt put it on paper. He makes all silly mistakes in tests. If same question are asked if again he knows all correct answer of it. He thinks he is not getting enough time to watch tv or to play out.

    Prachi Chitre
    Answer by Prachi Chitre

    In Behaviour - 02 Dec 2016

    You haven't mentioned the age of your child. Generally boys do not like to discuss much about school. They generally avoid any narration. What you can do is tell him that you will not ask questions, but he has to tell you if there has been any important notice or announcement or anything that needs to be carried to school the next day. Give him a reasonable deadline by which he has to tell you these things or he will have to bear the natural consequences of his actions which could be that the doesn't carry what needs to be carried and is punished for the same. Apart from this, do not insist on details. If he is above 7, I would recommend that you get his educational assessment done by a psychologist to rule out Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder(ADHD) or any kind of learning difficulties. Plan a schedule for him with him, where you can show him how much time he gets as his free time. Have a fixed time for academic work. Give him stars or points for following the schedule which can be converted into extra play time for him.

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