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  • Q ___ Didn't listen to me..till i m not shouted on him... this is started when i got busy in my lil one... very less concentration in studies too..particular in writing

    Prachi Chitre
    Answer by Prachi Chitre

    In Behaviour - 01 Dec 2016

    how old is your child? After the birth of a younger sibling, children can exhibit some changes in behaviour. It is likely that he is feeling left out and his behaviour could be to gain attention. I would urge you to spend some qualitative time with him daily which isNOT his study time. Interact with him, play with him. If possible let someone else handle your little one at that time. Assure him of your love and care verbally. Once you have done this lay some ground rules for him and be firm about them. Be practical and reasonable. Tell him what he has to do and what he cannot do. Let his behaviour be linked to consequences. Let him get some reward points for behaving well. These can then be converted into something that he likes which could be for e.g. spending more play time with you. Though it may sound difficult, don't give up and do try to keep your patience as much as you can. Writing is a boring task for most children. Divide his work in smaller units. Don't expect him to sit for long durations. Reward him even for his work. All the best!

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