How do I improve my child’s writing skills? – Appy Expert Responds

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How do I improve my child’s writing skills? – Appy Expert Responds

One of the most important task that every parent wishes that their children learn at an early is; Writing. Parents need to understand that kids develop writing skills after they develop their fine motor skills. Kids should not be pressurized to start writing, to improve their handwriting or speed of writing.

Your child should be involved in pre-writing activities that are fun and make them happy in the process of developing their fine motor skills.

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Ask the Appy Expert

Below are a few questions that Appy Parents asked and our Appy Experts answered. Please note that names have been changed for confidentiality purposes.


Appy Mom, Dipika's Question:

How do I teach my 29 month old child to form letters?

Appy Expert, Radhika Chitre Responds:

Please don't be in a hurry to teach your son to write. Children are not expected to write at this age. In fact, they are not even supposed to hold a pencil at this tender age. Insisting on writing at 29 months, will put unnecessary pressure on the child's nerves. I suggest that you should focus on pre writing skills at present.

  • Give him clay to play with.
  • Encourage him to tie shoe laces.
  • Teach him to button his own shirt.
  • You get wooden or cardboard cutouts with holes for threading. Use that to develop his fine motor skills.

No pencil please. Give him a pencil for writing only after he completes  3 years of age.


Appy Mom, Ritwiika's Question:

My 5 year old daughter is not interested in writing. She can write with both hands but she makes excuses. She did not get promoted to next class because of this reason.

Appy Expert, Radhika Chitre Responds:

Your daughter uses both her hands? Wow! I am amazed! Very few people in the world are ambidextrous. But for all practical purposes you will have to establish left or right hand dominance.

Try to find out which hand she uses more often while doing daily tasks like combing hair, brushing teeth or opening lids of jars. Observe her while playing. Also try to find out which hand has a stronger grip. Ask her to squeeze your hand. Then keep encouraging her to use that hand (for pre writing and writing skills mentioned below).

Next work on her pre writing skills.

  1. Give her clay/play dough to play with.
  2. Ask her to button her shirt.
  3. Teach her to tie shoe laces.
  4. Give her a small piece of matty canvas cloth ( the one used for cross stitch) and teach her to do threading using colored thread.
  5. Increase upper body strength by hanging on monkey bars in the park or by
    pushing against the wall at home.

*Important: All these activities should be done as a part of play in a happy and carefree environment.
Since she can already recognize letters of the alphabet, you can start working on her writing too simultaneously. Do you know, there are various ways in which you can teach your daughter to write? Forget paper and pencil for a few days.

1. Take her to the sea shore if you live close to the sea and have fun writing in the sand. Otherwise you can take her to the park and make her write in mud using a twig/stick.

2. Draw the outlines of letters in a drawing book and ask her to colour them (one letter at a time till she masters it. Let her work at her own pace). Use thick crayons for colouring. Then ask her to write the same letter beside it. Don't worry about the size and praise her efforts.

3. Invest in a whiteboard/chalkboard and fix it to the wall. Then go ahead and play 'teacher-teacher'  where she can be the teacher. You can be the student and ask her to show you what 'A' looks like, how to draw a flower or house etc. Involve other family members as well.

4. Dip the index finger of her dominant hand in water colour and tell her to write in her drawing book with her finger.

The key here is to make writing such an enjoyable experience that she looks forward to it.

Appy Mom, Sanjana's Question:

⁠⁠⁠My friend's son age, 9 year old, studying in 3rd standard has issues with writing. He doesn't write anything in school during whole day. He is intelligent but doesn't want to write.

Appy Expert, Radhika Chitre Responds:

Dear Deepali, Children not willing to write is not at all unusual. No need to panic. At the same time, we cannot ignore it either. Does his school have a counsellor? Take her help. Also ask the teacher to give him a place near a child who completes his work so that he can take help from that child. Be happy and praise him whenever he writes something in his notebook. If possible, try to look for a remedial teacher who can help him with his writing issue.

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