Appy Expert Helps With Speech Problems in Your Child

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Appy Expert Helps With Speech Problems in Your Child

"One to Walk, Two to Talk!" - goes an old saying.

It is every parent's dream to see their child starting to talk. The first words are one of the few moments of relief for every parent. This developmental milestone improves as the child grows older. Parents need to hone these skills on a daily basis. Kids with delayed milestones have problem expressing themselves; they are either reluctant to speak or get frustrated because nobody understands them. Be an active listener to your child and engage in real conversations.

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Ask the Appy Expert

Below are a few questions that Appy Parents asked and our Appy Experts answered. Please note that names have been changed for confidentiality purposes.


Appy Mom, Esha's Question: ⁠⁠⁠

My baby girl is 1yr 11 months old. She has not started talking yet. While she communicates her needs through action like want milk, want water, want to go out etc. But, she has not started saying the same through words. Please advice.

Appy Expert, Radhika Chitre Responds:

Some children start talking slightly later than others. Does she try forming words? Or is she making sounds or blabbering or trying to imitate what you are saying? If she is, then I think you should not worry too much. She has already started taking steps towards talking. She will soon learn to talk. Have patience. Keep talking to her so that she can pick up language from you. But if she is not doing any of those things mentioned above please ask your Paediatrician for advice.

Appy Mom, Uma's Question:

My kid will turn 3 in next 2 months. He does not speak yet. Only words which he catches up while something is being said or whatever we ask him to say. Also, he shouts when something's not done as he wants and off-late he has started hitting and biting when things dont go his way. He goes 2 playschool.

Appy Expert, Manjiri Gokhale Responds:

I would recommend you to see a speech therapist to accelerate the development of speech in your kid. The shouting, hitting and biting are due to lack of verbal speech. Since he is not able to express himself verbally he is using these ways to express his displeasure. As he develops speech these things will reduce. When he does any of these things to get things first tell him in a stern but calm voice that he will get it only if he lowers his voice/picks up whatever he has thrown. It will take several instances before he shows any change. Whenever he shows any positive change reinforce it with a lot of praise and fulfill his demand immediately as long as it is reasonable. If it is a demand that cannot be fulfilled tell him that and also that no amount of shouting is going to change things. If you can stay firm on this stance he will surely change his approach.

Appy Mom, Kriti's Question:

My three year old has started stammering a lot now a days and doesn't follow anything what we say.

Appy Expert, Radhika Chitre Responds:

Has there been any significant change in your child's environment? Is there any stress in the family? Stammering is sometimes a result of low self confidence, anxiety, fear. Please consult a speech therapist as early intervention is best. About your second concern, is it that your child cannot understand what you say or does not obey your instructions? If it is a question of understanding, please consult a psychologist and get a detailed assessment done. If your child does not obey you, then you have to be very firm and consistent in your approach. Do not give in to all demands. A no should always be a no. You will find a detailed explanation of this in all our blogs related to discipline and firmness.All the best!

Appy Mom, Rachna's Question:

My son has a crying nature. He always cries and is not able to make friends because of speech clarity issue. He gets nervous sweats when he knows that other are laughing on him.

Appy Expert, Prachi Chitre Responds:

Your son is going through difficult times. His issues of speech have led to  a low self confidence which in turn has resulted in a his sweating and crying. I hope he is undergoing speech therapy. If not, please start at the earliest. Also ask the speech therapist if any other assessments need to be done. At your end, you will have to be his true support. To start off, let him understand that you love him unconditionally. Keep telling him that. Tell him that our speech does not define what we are as a person. Keep reminding him of all the positive qualities in him. It could be that he is caring towards animals, or towards family members. He is polite, respectful, etc. Whatever are his qualities, please keep reminding him about them. That is the only way his self esteem and self confidence will increase. He needs to hear good things about himself, because he has heard enough negative things about his speech. If possible, please try talking to the other children who tease him. However, this is not always possible and our goal should be on making our child strong enough to face the world. If anybody in the family teases him, please stop them. Talk to him about his crying. Tell him stories with a moral. Tell him how others will tease him more if he cries. Help him to develop alternatives to his crying. I hope you have read all our blogs. If nothing works, please take him to a counsellor. All the best!

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