Alphabet Videos For 2-3 Year Olds From Appystore

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Alphabet Videos For 2-3 Year Olds From Appystore

Dear Parent,

Your child must have started enjoying his or her surroundings, discovering the world and learning new words by now. Fascinating, isn't it! Help him or her learn new words and enrich their vocabulary through fascinating Videos on Appystore.

Here is a list of some Videos that you can use to teach alphabets to your kids. Apart from letters, these colourful videos also introduce many new words in as simple and easy way as possible.

1. The Alphabet Train

Your child will enjoy learning the alphabets from A to Z with the colourful animated alphabet train. There is an alphabet on the top of every train compartment arranged in an alphabetical order which also helps him or her understand the alphabet sequence.

Click on the link  to watch this video

2. The Animal March

Learning about alphabets and animals will be much more fun with this video. Appu sings the alphabet song and introduces the animals whose names begin from the respective alphabets.

Click on the link  to watch this video.

3. The ABC Puppet Song

Check out this alphabet song with amusing puppets, Uncle Sam and Len, and sing along with them. This is the classic ABC song which will help children learn the names and the sequence of the letters in the English alphabet. Every letter is represented with the help of a picture which also makes learning different words easier as well.

Click of the link  to watch this video.

4. The Classic ABC Song

Your child will learn alphabets as they are introduced in a simple way with names of objects that begin from the respective alphabets. An ideal tutorial for little learners to learn ABC with fun.

Click on the link  to watch this video.

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