How to Avoid Dangers of Overdose of Antibiotics

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How to Avoid Dangers of Overdose of Antibiotics

It is pretty common to see parents of young children scrambling for antibiotics the moment their child falls sick even if it is just a minor cold or flu. Most parents tend to keep old prescriptions and just repeat the same medication without any medical consultation. This has lead to a global problem antibiotic resistance due to indiscriminate use of these drugs.

The discovery of penicillin heralded a complete new era in the healthcare industry. Antibiotics totally changed the face of drug prescription. We not only said goodbye to a number of infectious diseases but also witnessed antibiotics becoming a regular part of prescriptions given by doctors.

Abuse of Antibiotics:

However, recent studies suggest that we should avoid judicious use antibiotics for our little ones as it is not only unnecessary most of the times but also does more harm than good.

There is a general myth that antibiotics can treat any infection which is completely false. Antibiotics can only treat infections caused by bacteria, and almost all cases of cold and flu that are caused by viruses. So antibiotics serve no purpose in such cases. Most infections are caused by either a bacteria or virus, although  their prevention of symptoms can overlap. However, it is important to note that the method of how bacteria and viruses live, grow and multiply is quite different. Thus, the therapy would also naturally be different.

On the contrary excessive dosage of antibiotics can only lead to high resistance  by bacteria  to these antibiotics. Hence, these medications fail to work when your child really needs them.

Antibiotics also seem to cause certain side effects, which normally subside when the medication is stopped such as:

  • Nausea
  • Bloating of abdomen
  • Diarrhoea
  • Stomach pain
  • Loss of appetite

Always be wise when using antibiotics with your kids

  • Never self medicate with antibiotics. They are not over the counter medications
  • Always consult a doctor and not your pharmacist before purchasing an antibiotic
  • For every cold or cough your child suffers never insist on antibiotics from your paediatrician
  • Different bacterial infections have separate antibiotics and there is never a single antibiotic for all infections
  • Antibiotics are life saving in certain situations. So if your child needs an antibiotic, complete the entire course of antibiotics even if your child shows signs of improvement
  • Taking a wrong antibiotic can cause the body to lose the ability to combat the bacteria when the real need arises
  • Always throw away leftover antibiotics; you cannot use antibiotics which have been lying around your home

The Lesser the Better

Administering an overdose of antibiotics to kids has now become a common practice amongst parents. Be careful and the next time your little one sneezes or coughs do not panic and rush to your medical cabinet searching for the old strip of antibiotics. There are a number of natural healing techniques to help your child get back to health rather than stuffing them with a number of tablets and pills. Encourage good habits amongst your kids such as regular washing of hands and be updated on your kid's immunisation. These are simple steps which can be followed to avoid undue use of antibiotics and prevent infections in your children.

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