8 Healthy Summer Foods to Add to Your Child's Diet

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8 Healthy Summer Foods to Add to Your Child's Diet

With each passing day, the temperature is soaring high.Apart from keeping your children indoor to prevent the heat stroke, adequate nutrition is essential to keep them comfortable. Nature has gifted us with some very special foods that are excellent coolers and including these in your child's diet would help keep him comfortable during summers.

1. Cucumber:

High on water content, cucumber is packed with lots of fiber and minerals making it a perfect summer food. Children love the crunchiness of cucumber and you could give it your child as a salad, combine with curd to make raita or as a mid-evening snack.

2. Tender Coconut water:

Rich in electrolytes ( a mineral essential to maintain the water balance of the body) and simple sugars, tender coconut water is a must include in your child's summer diet to keep them Children love coconut water which makes for an ideal mid-morning snack item.

3. Watermelon:

With 90% water content, rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins and electrolytes; and low on calories, watermelon is one of the ideal fruits to keep your baby cool this summer. Watermelon can be given as fruit or juice and can also be combined with curd to make a raita.

4. Curd:

Rich in calcium, protein, vitamins and minerals curd makes for a delicious and healthy coolant that not only helps keep your child cool but also promotes growth and helps him fight infections. Use curd to make delicious buttermilk, raita or serve it as it is to your child. Curd could also be used to make some delicious homemade frozen yoghurt by blending it with fruits and freezing it like you would do for an ice-cream.

5. Fresh Lime Water:

Fresh lime water or nimbu-pani is one of the most loved drinks by children and is a great summer coolant. Lemons don't just add flavor but also are one of the richest sources of vitamin C which increase your child's immunity and helps him fight infection.

6. Mint leaves:

With its distinct flavour and tanginess, mint is a great summer coolant. Add chopped mint leaves to buttermilk, raitas salads or to chutney. You could also grow mint in small pots easily if you love gardening.

7. Musk melon:

High on water, electrolytes and vitamins, musk melon just like water melon is a great summer fruit to include in your child's diet. Musk melon slush, when made by churning musk-melon along with some ice-cubes, increases its cooling properties andis every kid's favourite drink.

8. Raw-mango water:

Raw-mango water or aam-panna as it is commonly known in India is a great summer drink for cooling your child. Made by churning raw mangos with water, some salt, and sugar, aam-panna is rich in electrolytes and help maintain your child's body temperature and fluid balance.

Apart from these foods, make sure you provide your children with an adequate and balanced diet to keep  them healthy in summers. (More about balanced diets: http://blog.appystore.in/health-wellbeing/does-your-child-have-balanced-diet-everyday/)

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