5 Instant Energy Boosting Snacks For Your Kids

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5 Instant Energy Boosting Snacks For Your Kids

Being a mother to a very active and restless child, there is always a perpetual worry in me whether my child has enough of food for the amount of playing he indulges in. Especially in today's time of unhealthy eating and junk food, I wish to take my child back to the times where healthy eating was more a way of life rather than eating processed food.

So I make up my mind to stock up my kitchen with various natural foods, which will not only provide an instant energy kick but also provide dollops of good health to my growing kid.

Instead of giving the usual snacks, we as parents should make a healthy change and give your child these nutritious energy boosters which mainly include fruits and nuts and other easily available natural food stuff. The best part about these fruits and nuts is that you have a wide variety to choose from, making it even palatable for a fussy eater as there is always something to suit every palate. Innovate with these fruits and nuts to make it more scrumptious and delightful for your little ones.

1. Apples

Just as the saying goes, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away". It is an excellent source of iron and vitamin C and also help in blood formation and improving the immunity. Apples are rich in fructose which gets converted rather quickly to give the energy boost. You can give it either as pieces or add to their favourite custard along with other fruits.

2. Almonds

These are like small packets of energy which are rich in calcium and phosphorous. They not only promote healthy bone and teeth formation but also have certain brain boosting elements which support and aid in brain functioning. Almonds given daily in small quantities are good for general physical and mental development of children. You can try grinding almonds with other nuts and add to your salads to give a crunchy flavour.

3. Yoghurt

This is not only an excellent probiotic but is a wonderful snack for eating in between meal times. It's rich in calcium and is great for keeping the gut healthy and clean. Try adding fruits or nuts to yoghurt to increase the flavour. Yoghurt is a great energy booster as it is not only readily available but also easy to eat by smaller kids.

4. Bananas

These are super energy boosters as they contain simple sugars which instantly make your kids active and alert. They are also rich in potassium and is a good source of fibre. They help to keep your child full for a good one to two hours. Instead of giving the usual junk food as snacks make your child have a banana instead.

5. Water

Yes, the plain old water is definitely an instant energy booster. Especially since children are always running about, they themselves do not realise when they get dehydrated. Dehydration definitely brings energy levels down and makes them dull. Offer them water regularly even if they have just a few sips. Avoid drinking packaged sweetened drinks as they don't really seem to provide any kind of health to your kids.

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