How To Teach Children Basic Shapes With Fun

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How To Teach Children Basic Shapes With Fun

"Let's create a fun drawing today." It was Maths Class for my young students. I had planned to start on basic geometry shapes. But one look at their faces and I could tell, they were not ready to learn through book. So I thought of introducing shapes in a different way.

We drew a circle and called it Sun. We also drew mountains with triangles, a house using a triangle and a rectangle, a tree with a few rectangles and some circles; and so on. Children were free to let their imagination run wild and create any shape using the basic shapes of circle, square, rectangle and triangle. Some children also used star shape in the sky and oval for butterfly wings.

Learning basic geometrical shapes has never been difficult for any child. They grasp the names of different shapes and recognize them easily. Though the retention is more through interactive activities. Some of these activities are given below:

Shape Hunt:

Everything in the world is made with shapes. Play the game of spot the hidden shape in any object. One person will take the name of any object, the other one has to name the shape that is hidden in it. For example, if you say ‘clock', the child has to figure out what shape is there in that clock. It may be a circle, a square or a triangle. Extend this game to the game of collecting different objects having a particular shape.

Shape Collage:

Stickers of circle, triangle, square, stars and rectangle are easily available in the market. With these shapes a creative collage can be created. A little guidance will spark the creativity even more. Appreciate the child's efforts even if he creates something that looks like a modern art. If you ask him patiently, he will show you how he can visualize a number of figures in his masterpiece.


Tangram is a wonderful game that increases creativity. ButI've found that by imposing the restriction that all 7 pieces have to be used, children do not find it interesting.So, let the child be free and create figures like an animal or a tree using any number of pieces.

Creating Shapes with Play Dough:

Any child can easily spend hours rolling out the dough and creating shapes out of it. Play dough is an excellent medium to let him experiment and create shapes like a bolster (a cylinder), an ice cream cone, a ball. By rolling out the play dough thin, 2D shapes like a square, a circle, a triangle can also be created.

Creating Shapes using a Cookie Cutter:

Knead sweet dough with some sugar and spices or coconut powder, and let your child cut shapes with a cookie cutter that can be baked or fried. These shapes are a very attractive snack that children enjoy eating.

A Chart of 2D Shapes:

Create a chart of the basic 2D shapes. A thin bangle can be pasted for a circle. A triangle, a square and a rectangle can be created by using toothpicks, match sticks or ear buds. Charts hung on the wall effectively reinforce a lesson with an advantage of child's complete interest in it.

These activities are sure to make the child forget that he is learning an important lesson that is going to form the basis of Geometry concepts to be taught in higher grades.

Click on the link  to show interesting Video on Shapes to kids.

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