Enact that story as a play

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Enact that story as a play

Teaching Kindergarten has its own plus points. The innocence, the pure smiles and the genuine expressions is a reward in itself.

It was the ‘story time' for my class according to the schedule. Children showed a lot of enthusiasm for this activity. Our first step was to select a story from a choice of story videos. Unanimously ‘The Elves and the shoemaker' was chosen for the day.And so the video was played.

The little eyes watched the story completely engrossed; absorbing all minute details…….details that skip the eyes of many of us adults. Soon the story got over. But the kids were still in their reverie. "We want to watch more!" shouted one of them.

"I am happy that you loved the story, I said lovingly!! Not wanting to say ‘No' to them. "Let's first talk a bit about the shoemaker and the elves." Who's going to tell us the story in short?

Many hands came up. One child narrated the story. He added a few things on his own in his narration. I caught a child, who was a bit shy, still thoughtful. When I asked him what he was thinking of he said hesitating a bit,

"I want to be one of the elves...." "One of the Elves?", "Where???" came a quick remark from another child who otherwise takes time to speak. The innocent expressions of both the kids gave birth to an idea. "Come!!! Let's enact the story!!!!"…..a suggestion that was more quickly taken than I had thought.

And there…. in a jiffy, student volunteers took the roles of shoemaker, his wife and the two elves. Two more elves were added to the story, to bring forward reserved kids. We discussed and finalized a few dialogues. Few simple ‘prop' helped each child go deeper into the character. We utilized the settings of the ‘theater area' and the next few minutes we had great fun enacting the story. A bit of voice modulation added to their amusement even more.

I noticed that my students were opening up. I was surprised at their creativity and how they improvised upon the dialogues.

From inside I was immensely happy upon seeing how freely even the shy children of my class were performing their roles.It was a great achievement for all of us.The play was rehearsed many times and finally it made way to the stage performance in the annual function of the school.We had many more story enactments in the class and most of the children became quite confident and came out of their shell, in the process.

(The mental block that I was carrying somewhere at the back of my mind that organizing a play with young ones is difficult, was removed forever.)

 (Enacting stories works wonders to the mental development, develops oratory skills, inculcates the sense of achievement and hence improves confidence.)

Watch Story Videos available online http://bit.ly/Appystore__Stories and use it as a plot for role play.

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Archana Prasad
March 19, 2015 @ 02:47 PM

Thank You Badri...

February 20, 2015 @ 12:25 AM

Nice article Archana. Aside from being fun play acting gives kids lots of confidence.

Archana Prasad
Archana Prasad is a freelance Education Consultant working for the cause of education. Her passions revolve around reading books, travelling, writing creative content and everything that involves Math. She wishes to travel far and wide, up to Alaska and Antarctica. In her free time, she loves socializing and interacting with friends and family.

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