Stories build character and imagination

2 year(s) ago
Stories build character and imagination

Mumma, see I am Jack, said my son holding some beans in his hand. Hmmm, so today he was Jack from the story ‘Jack and the Beanstalk'. It was a daily ritual for us to have a story time and for him to get into action! I am really amazed at the effect a story has on a kid. Storytelling has been around for ages but it is still relevant and as exciting as it has been 100 years back!

Stories are a great way to introduce new words and ideas into a child's mind. It can help a child learn about concepts such as shape, size, space and colour. When we read a story on little red riding hood, I made my son look for red colour in all the rooms of my house. He was on a colour finding spree for next few days!

Stories can also teach kids about everyday tasks, such as how to brush their teeth, taking care of plants, helping others. In fact, after reading a story about a boy who was taking care of his house plant, my son has started watering plants and also ensures that no one plucks a flower from them.

It is believed that stories can even help children cope with feelings. When we read or tell a story which contains feelings, it helps our child to accept his/her feelings and to understand how others feel. At our house, we have made a mood meter that shows different moods. When we read a story, my son immediately marks the mood of the character. For example, when I read that three bears found Goldilock in their house, my son selected the ‘scared' as an emotion for Goldilock.

Stories help to develop a child's imagination by letting them imagine a different world, different people which might not even exist. Do you remember the witch that lived on the moon, the fairy that came to help Cinderella and the bear family that frightened Goldilock? Didn't many of us actually believe that they were true? I think this is the beauty of stories that sometime it can be so realistic and other time incredibly fantastical!

This is why I really cherish story time with my son. It strengthens my relation with him and both of us enjoy our shared moment. I usually read a book or play stories on my mobile for him.

Our storytime doesn't end here. After listening to the story we do some meaningful discussion. Really, I mean it ! We discuss questions like what could have happened if Cinderella would not have left one slipper at the palace or if Goldilocks would not have run from bear's house. We brainstorm on different aspects of the story and sometime watch half of the story to complete it ourselves. This special time that we spend together is priceless and of course, it helps my son to think creatively.

Watch Stories online and have your special moments with your child.

This is how we have our story time. What about yours?

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Zahabiya Dharmajwala
April 04, 2015 @ 01:52 PM

Good work.. Keep it up... I truly understand ur hard work for ur son.... I mother of six n three... N trust me it feels so nice when kids turn OFF their TV n cone to Me for stories...

Purnima Jha
Purnima has been a teacher, a curriculum designer and is currently working for appystore. She loves kids and is passionate about education. When she is not daydreaming, she manages to do her work and write blogs. She is a mother of a 6 yr old boy who is the main source of inspiration for her blogs.

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