9 Ways To Make Holi A Learning Experience For Your Child

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9 Ways To Make Holi A Learning Experience For Your Child

Holi, the festival of colours, is undoubtedly the most enthusiastic and colourful of all the Indian festivals. As a kid, it was my favourite festival because I could enjoy the whole day with my friends in such a unique manner. As a parent, I allow my kids the same but also want them to learn a few things along with the enjoyment.

Below is the list of things which Holi can teach our kids.

1. Moral Values

Tell your child the story behind the Holi festival; about Holika, Prahlad and Hiranyakashyapa. Kids would love to hear the story. Take this opportunity to teach them about good and evil. Tell them that good always prevails at the end no matter how powerful the evil is.

2. Colours

Holi is perhaps the most enthusiastic and playful way to teach your kids about colours. When they play with colours, they can relate to them in a better way. Also, try to make eco-friendly colours at home with vegetables and flowers. There are many tutorials available for this the same. Also, involve your kids in the process to help them distinguish colour better.

3. Holi Crafts and Activities

Holi can be a perfect time to give wings to your child's imaginations through crafts and activities like messy painting, hand traced paintings, making Holi banners and cards for friends and relatives and the like. Apart from colours and gels, materials like tissue papers and colourful bindis can also be used to create flowers and patterns. So, indulge your child in Holi activities and watch them do and learn something new this Holi.

4. Unity

In Holi we put colours on each other. There are different colours but same hue. There is no social barrier of economics, religion etc. This has a major indication; the indication of being one and united. It sends out a message that we all are equal. Pass this message to your kids so that they understand the concept of oneness and love.

5. Family and Social Values

The whole family gathers to celebrate Holi together. It is a great family get-together opportunity which brings the members closer to each other. People tend to forget their differences and grudges. Teach your child the importance of family and its values.  Tell them how it is important to strengthen the bonds among family members, relatives and friends. Visit your friends and relatives along with your child in the evening. All these activities would help your child understand that Holi is to eliminate hatred and foster harmony.

6. Universality of Happiness and Celebration

Holi brings with it a lot of joy and merry making.Everyone seems to be in a joyful mood and kids love it the most. Seeing so much enthusiasm always excites them. They are more than happy to share their excitement with their friends. Encourage them. Let them know that happiness, celebration and festivities are universal phenomena and multiply when shared.

7. Scientific Significance

Every ritual associated with Holi has some scientific importance. ‘Holika Dehen' is said to kill the harmful bacteria in the surrounding. ‘Abeer' is believed to strengthen body ions and improve the overall immunity of the body. Explain your child these important concepts of celebrating Holi.

8. Love for Nature

Holi marks the arrival of the spring season which is the king of seasons.  You can help them notice the new blossoms, the new tender leaves on the trees, the longer days and late sunsets etc. These all are associated with Spring. Let your child fall in love with nature. Also, take this opportunity to make them understand the importance of saving our environment. Encourage the use of eco-friendly colours and avoid using chemicals on Holi, which has proved beneficial for the surrounding.

9. Acceptance

India is a land of festivals and all are unique from each other, Holi being no exception. Let your child participate in the fun. Do not put any social barriers on them. Let them enjoy together so that they accept each other better, and acceptance is the first step towards tolerance. Let a positive message propagate.

Holi is round the corner. Just follow the basic safety guidelines and let your child enjoy it to the fullest. Make sure, this Holi teaches them some new lessons which they would love to practice lifelong.

Happy Holi to All!!!

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