8 Ways to Relieve Your Child of Exam Stress

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8 Ways to Relieve Your Child of Exam Stress


‘Exams for Kids: Should be there or shouldn't?' has been a debatable topic for ages. But the fact remains that exams do exist in our education system and the procedures are quite mechanical. Grades are given utmost importance and every parent wants their ward to be a topper. This is more manifest when exams are near. On the contrary, kids are hardly effected and this adds to the frustration of the parents. As parents, we must ensure that these exams do not stress our little kids; their normal routine is not hindered rather than rubbing off their stress on them.

Below are some pointers for the parents in this regard.

1. Do Not Panic

The first and foremost duty of the parents is not to panic about the exams. Just relax and let your kids relax too. Do not treat the exams as do or die moments. Yes, they are the part of an academic process but freaking out about it would send a signal that it is a dreaded thing which should be feared rather than an important process to follow. And anything related with fear would definitely be stressing.

2. No Expectations

Keep no expectations from your child. They are new to the studies and the education system. They are not mature enough to understand the seriousness of exams. So, do not worry about the marks. Your main motto should be to make sure that they understand what they learn; their fundamentals are clear.

3. Daily Routine

Make a daily routine which incorporates study time. The study time should be fixed and strictly adhered to even if it meant sacrificing your TV time.  Apart from homework, also, go through the classwork for each subject. It would be like revision which would help the kids to relate to their lessons better.

4. Revision Tests

Almost all classes conduct revision tests on a regular basis. These tests are generally on a one lesson per subject basis. Pay good heed to them. Make your child prepare for these tests. As the portions are small, it is easy for the kid to prepare and it also helps when the exams come as the mere revision would be enough for the kids.

5. External Help

Every child is different and so are their capabilities. As parents, you can best assess the abilities and shortcomings of your child and if you feel that your child needs external help in studies, do not hesitate to provide him/her that. This is also the best option if you are not able to dedicate enough time to teaching your child. So, start early so that when the exams are there, your child is ready and confident.

6. Cash in on the Mood

It is very important because it determines how much input your child would put to the studies. If your child is not in the mood to study, give him/her a break rather than forcing them to study. And when they are ready, you can start again. As I said earlier, exams hardly mean anything special for them, so forcing would really be stressful for them.

7. Realistic Goals

I agree that some goals should be set for kids as far as studies are concerned. It would help them develop their responsibilities towards their studies. But the goals should be realistic. High-end goals like to excel in each and every subject can frustrate them.

8. Play Time

Playing with their friends is a child's favorite thing. They would never like to sacrifice it in any case; be it studies or anything else. So, during exams, you can cut short the durations but do not stop it altogether. Stopping completely would mean poor concentration and lack of interest for the studies.

So, the crux is to keep their interest in studies intact whether the exams are there or not and teach them on a regular basis without disturbing their normal flow. This would mean that your child is always well-prepared and exams would just be a welcome change from their daily routine.

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