5 Safety Tips For First Time Riders

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5 Safety Tips For First Time Riders

Each little development of the toddlers is an emotional as well as a proud moment for the parents. They cherish it all throughout their life. Be it the first time they smiled at you, their first step in walking, the first time they spoke ‘Mama' and the like. Similar is the case with the first ride. Both the child and the parents are excited and why not. After all, it is a giant step for your child. But, it is also accompanied with some risks which can be avoided by taking certain precautionary measures.

Here are some of the safety tips that should be followed:-

1. Practice by yourself

Be it a bicycle, scooter or a skateboard; make your child practice well. Choose a less crowded place and help them practice for almost a week before they venture out on their own. This is essential to boost their self-confidence also so that they are not intimidated by others kids who are adept at riding.

2. Accompany your child

Always accompany your child. This is very necessary where there are kids of different ages. As kids like to compete and match up to others in speed, there is every possibility that they might hurt themselves by falling. So, be around them to help them when they need you.

3. Right Size

The size of the bicycle matters a lot. A bigger or smaller one, than what is required, would hamper the learning process as well as take away the ease of riding. So, choose the right size for your child.The feet should reach the ground comfortably so that they can stop the cycle by just putting their feet on the ground in case of an emergency. Also, the brakes and handle should be at a comfortable distance.

4. Place and Time

Selection of place and time is as important as any other thing for first-time riders.The place should have less vehicular movement. It can be a compound of your building, the circular road around your residential complex or a park with tracks.
Late mornings, early evenings or holidays are the best time for your young rider to venture out safely till he/she learns the nuances of riding.

5. Protective Clothing

If possible, dress them in full pants and full sleeves so that the cuts and bruises are least hurtful.
For skateboard riding, make sure that your child is well equipped with a helmet, knee shield and elbow shield.
Riding is not only fun for kids but also a form of physical activity for them. A little precaution can make the whole process of learning to ride an enjoyable and memorable experience for the entire family.

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