5 Interesting Craft Videos for Your Child on Appystore

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5 Interesting Craft Videos for Your Child on Appystore

Don't we all agree that craft activities are interesting and fun to engage our little ones? Art and craft activities are not just for fun, they also encourage kids to use their imagination and develop their creativity. When we do it together, they also help us to bond with our kids.

So why should you wait! Here are some exciting Appystore craft videos for you and your child to have your special moment!

1. Make a Paper Hand bag

Wouldn't you like to make an eco-friendly paper handbag! You just need two things - a paper and a ribbon. Try to make this one at home and your kid will love it. Follow our video guide to make an easy and amazing paper bag!


Click on the link http://bit.ly/Appystore_paperhandbag to watch this video

2. Make a Giraffe

How about doing a balloon craft! Yes, you read it right. This tutorial will help you to get good at balloon modelling. Watch our tutorial on how to shape a giraffe out of a balloon.


Click on the link http://bit.ly/Appystore_shapeagiraffeoutofballoon to watch this video.

3. Make a Wallet - Origami

What a beautiful way to teach your kids about money! Make a wallet using this origami video and ask them to save money and keep it in their wallet.

Craft 3

Click on the link http://bit.ly/Appystore_WalletOrigami to watch this video

4. Make a Whale - Origami

How about making a Big Blue Whale and introducing the concept of aquatic animals to your child?

Craft 4

Click on the link http://bit.ly/Appystore_WhaleOrigami to watch this video.

5. How to make Playdough Caterpillar

Who will not love a cute caterpillar! Watch this tutorial with your kid to learn how to make a caterpillar using a playdough.


Click on the link http://bit.ly/Appystore_PlaydoughCaterPillar to watch this video.

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